Explore the ravaged world of Daren, its Heroes, and Heralds of Darkness!

Welcome to AODarkness.com, the epicenter of the Darkness and adventure! Our purpose here is to immerse visitors in our universe full of mysteries, challenges, and dark powers that is Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness. Motivated by a passion for fantasy, we’ve created this space to explore and expand the narrative and the world dominated by Darkness.
Navigate through the legends of the Defenders of Daren, uncover the secrets of the Powers of Darkness in monstrous creatures, and unravel the mysteries of this devastated world. Join us on this journey where darkness reveals secrets, and challenges await those who dare to explore. Venture into AODarkness.com and discover the uncharted in Drunagor!

What reviewers are saying about Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness

Alex Radcliffe, BoardgameCo

“There’s so much here, there’s so much leveling up, and powers, and abilities, this is one of the best upgrading characters system i’ve seen in any single dungeon crawler system.”

Rob’s Tabletop World

“I think this is something special, i think this is something wonderful, i think they did a phenomenal job!”

Undead Viking

“Awesome game, like these fantasy dungeon crawl type board games, i strongly suggest you take a look at COD, you will be very, very happy with it.”

The King of Average

“The apocalypse expansion improves just about every aspect of CoD… better and deeper mechanics, more variability, higher story and more of what we already loved.”

The Dungeon Dive

“I really like this game, really fantastic, so entertaining and so much fun!”

Mackenzie Franklin, SideGame LLC

“This game is just a blast! I love the customization, I love taking the actions, and I really love the exploration mechanic. It is super cool, super rewarding, and super fun. I really like playing this game.”

Bryan Melville, The Grumpy Meeple

“I have never played a board game that felt more like an MMO than Chronicles of Drunagor does. Bottom line; the game is AWESOME.”

Adam Smith – Rolling Solo

“Solo gamers! This is the dungeon crawler you’ve been looking for. The strategy around the cube management system is executed brilliantly. The unknown behind every door will keep you coming back for more!”