Scholars of the Setting Sun Church have been finding it considerably difficult to catalog and register all the creatures that make up the Legion of Darkness. One of the most frightening and difficult to understand, however, as the name given by the researchers infer, is the Abomination. Nobody knows where these hideous monsters come from because nothing in them carries signs of their origin. Except the black miasma of Darkness that pours from the putrid cavities of their deformed bodies like pus. Nor do they have any recognizable standards that show they belong to any of the mortal races of Daren. The only similarities between these repulsive creatures are that they appear to be made up of dozens of pieces of different bodies. For the most part, human bodies, but pieces of other races have already been seen in the composition of some of these atrocities.

The Abominations don’t seem to have any intelligence or ability to speak. Even their motor control is precarious. However, they seem to act with a kind of hive mentality, coordinating their attacks with other creatures from the Darkness’ ranks. In addition, the blows delivered by these horrors are accurate and powerful, and even the toxic jet they manage to spit from afar rarely misses their target, which usually leads to a quick and painful death for the target. Sometimes these horrid creatures prove to be immune to most poisons and sometimes not even the flames seem to be able to burn their purulent and swollen bodies. Some scholars believe that the bodies of innocents claimed by Darkness and their creatures are used to create such monstrosities. But what wickedly intelligent and powerful mind would be capable of such an atrocity? Such questions still remain unanswered and, in the meantime, the recommendation of the Church’s scholars remains the same: “If you see an Abomination, run until your legs can take no more.”

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