It doesn’t matter how much one looks, the Shadow Vampires are not from this world. Regular vampires are known to the Setting Sun Church’s scholars and even adventurers in Daren. However, the Shadow Vampires are nothing like them. The name given to the last ones is mainly due to two characteristics present in all of these nightmarish creatures. The first is their ability to fly. Their coriaceous wings are strong enough to carry their deformed bodies at blinding speeds. The second is their dreadful attack. With their hideous mouths, the Shadow Vampires pierce and tear the flesh of their enemies, only to feast on their blood. That very blood seems to heal the Shadow Vampires’ wounds.

Unfortunately, these abilities do not completely cover all the terrors of facing a Shadow Vampire. These monsters tend to lurk inside dark crypts and dungeons, waiting for their unwary prey. Devoid of eyes, the Shadow Vampires can smell and hear their prey from miles away, leaving them enough time to set a deadly trap. It’s still unknown if they’re able to infect other people with their dark vampiric curse, filling them with the Darkness’ miasma. Therefore, the Setting Sun Church’s scholars recommend caution when venturing dark spaces because when the lights go out, it’s already too late.

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