One of the most studied creatures among the ranks of the Darkness is the Skeleton Archer. The name given to them makes explicit what they are. These creatures are often seen wearing rags of Amira’s armor and bows. With each passing day, however, more and more Skeleton Archers are spotted wearing different attires. From what it seems, the Darkness never stops claiming more and more lives to join their ranks and the speed they grow is frightening.

The people of Drunagor are no strangers to necromancy or magic and curses that raise the dead, though the Skeleton Archers have something about them of a completely different source. The obscure evil magic that reanimates their bodies is clear to any rookie researcher of the Setting Sun Order. However, the Skeleton Archers’ capability to communicate and strategize with the Darkness’s creatures is still a matter of discussion. Their marksmanship is better than ordinary, as if they kept their talents from their previous lives, though their main strength lies in their numbers. If you see yourself surrounded by a dozen of these creatures, that most certainly means that you’ll be joining their ranks soon.

Skeleton Archer's Miniature
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