Maya comes from a humble village at the edge of the human territories. Far from the human kingdoms and close to unexplored lands, the villagers in Maya’s home were sturdy folk, grown used to the hardships and challenges of the frontier. However, even they were unprepared when tremors opened a new passage to the bowels of the earth, unleashing new monsters unto the surrounding area. Maya’s village would have fallen, if not for the help of the Azure Robins.

The Azure Robins were a group of hunters and fighters coming from the poorest human communities in Drunagor. They lived on the edges of civilization, fighting the monsters most couldn’t fight, or that the Mortal kingdoms would not fight. To the latter, they were little more than outlaws and lowlifes living at the outskirts of civilized society. To the poorer and more isolated villages however, they were true heroes. The Azure Robins helped wherever they could, and asked for nothing more than hearth and food as they moved about the wilderness. From the day they saved her village, Maya knew what she wanted to become when she grew older.

Today, Maya is a cunning hunter of the Azure Robins, helping communities at the frontier survive the harshness of the wild.

Maya's Playerboard
Maya's Miniature