The first reports about single creatures able to slaughter a large group of adventurers arrived at the Setting Sun Church headquarters a few months after the High Priest started recruiting. They spoke of a possessed statue butchering four experienced mercenaries with a single blow. That’s when the scholars created the “Black” monster class. The creature later came to be known as the Shadow Knight as it was usually referred to. The Shadow Knights can easily reach twenty feet tall and carry enormous weapons, which they seem to handle without effort. They can also be unbelievably fast, so not even running is not always a safe strategy.

Due to their massive size, the scholars haven’t been able to acquire many specimens of Shadow Knights to study, though the few they did show unexpected results. Although similar in size, speed and strength, some Shadow Knights look more like statues infused with the Darkness’ miasma and possessed by an evil mind, while others are, beyond the Darkness that filled them, empty sets of armor. All of them, however, seem to be animated by the Darkness’ miasma and can be destroyed. They also don’t bleed though they sound like breathing, as a bone-chilling wheeze comes out of their helmets. Regardless of what these creatures actually are, the scholars’ guidelines are absolute. Avoid being hit as not only there’s a high risk you’ll be killed, though the blood of the fallen also seems to strengthen the Shadow Knights’ armor, making them terrible killing machines. The scholars hope there are not a great number of these monstrous giants roaming Daren.

Shadow Knight's Miniature
Shadow Knight's Cards