Jaheen was the only son of a famous noble family of the Kingdom of Amira until he abdicated his family and former name. Most of his story, however, is only known to him and his former family, which could never be traced, probably due to a grudge held by their parents, and the will of Jaheen to remain an unknown commoner. What is know of his origin is the story he told the High Priest and the counselor at the time, the day he got to Valarai.
Jaheen had reached Valarai after wandering the lands of Daren as a roaming cleric without an order behind him. According to the report, the man had been following a voice, a spiritual guide that led him to Valarai across the most different places. The report also states that Jaheen was not trained by any known order, and was in fact, a self-educated cleric, which is almost unbelievable considering his power and technique.

Jaheen told the former High Priest that his mission was not to become a nobleman of Amira. His mission was to save all kingdoms of Daren. The voice had been training him, teaching him and talking to him since he could remember. And when Jaheen was old enough, he left his home, his family, his kingdom, and his name behind to follow his mission. Jaheen had seen on his days on the road how Daren was changing, how the days became slightly darker and slightly shorter. He watched as the people grew colder and he felt in his soul that a great threat was near. It was then, according to him, that he heard the voice calling him to Valarai, where the forces would gather for the final stand, the last hope for the mortal races of Daren.

It was then, upon reaching Valarai and telling his story, that Jaheen joined the order of the Setting Sun Church. The Setting Sun Church became his family and his home. He soon earned the respect of everyone that knew him, though he had no wish to go up the ranks, staying a simple investigator. The evil, according to Jaheen, had no respect nor fear for titles or ranks. The only way to stop what was coming to Daren was with strength, faith, and unshakable courage. Jaheen had plenty of those and was hellbent on crushing all Darkness before him until he could make the light of the sun shine again.

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