Lorelai was born in Lorelan, the capital city of the sun elves of the Espera Islands, and since her childhood, her magical abilities and aptitude were clear. Her parents invested everything in her magical training, so that she could become the best mage she could ever be. And in doing so, they inadvertently neglected their eldest daughter, Lorena – which would deeply mark the siblings’ relationship.

Lorelai had access to all elven lore regarding magic contained in the great libraries of her homeland. She got to travel to famous schools in the Espera Islands, and get tutored by masters of the Art in distant corners of the land. As she travelled and learned, her power and reputation grew, and she became a prestigious presence in many centers of learning. Her sister, on the other hand, would remain in their home, often isolating herself from everyone. Lorelai blamed her for her inability to rise above the ordinary, and every time they were together, they’d fight and argue about everything, which contributed to the distance that kept growing between the two.

One day returning home, however, Lorelai found her family estate in flames. She desperately used her magic to try to save her parents, still trapped in the roaring inferno, but when she found them, they were already charred bodies trapped in the rubble. She did find, however, her sister glowing with a mysterious dark aura standing near their corpses. Before she could ask her what was happening, Lorena vanished into shadow, and she was left alone in the burning building.

Lorelai has searched for her sister ever since, to know the true events that transpired in that fateful day.

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