Vaguely human, these “creatures”, as the researchers call them now, were thought for quite some time to be the Darkness’ origin. Sights of these obscure cults, where shady figures gathered to worship unspoken forces in long-forgotten languages were never rare in Daren. It comes as no surprise to the Setting Sun Order that the Shadow Cultists were perverted and disfigured by the Darkness they worshiped. Far from being a curse, these lunatics seem to consider it a blessing. However, studies and experiments with the Darkness point to the impossibility of such wretches summoning it. Let alone controlling it, though it is undeniable that it gives them uncommon powers.

The Shadow Cultists were, at some point, people from all the mortal races of Daren. However, now corrupted and infected by the black and putrid miasma of the Darkness, these creatures only slightly resemble their past selves. Their intelligence and cunning seem unaltered. They are capable of speaking, and even corrupted magic and curses are no challenge for them. The Darkness gifted the Cultists with the ability to communicate with the other creatures from its ranks. And sometimes, even command them. These cursed creatures can be a real danger even when alone, though they are never alone.

Shadow Cultist's Miniature
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