Even though the glory of the ancient dwarven holds of the Omekka Mountains is long past, the dwarf clans still stand proud of their heritage. Vorn is a scion of Clan Stoneheart, one of the more traditional and influential clans today. By all rights, by now, he should have been on the forefront of clan affairs – honored and respected. But Vorn will never achieve this, for he was exiled from Clan Stoneheart, and his name erased from the clan’s tablets.

Years ago, Vorn was leading one of the clan’s expeditions to find lost dwarven holds deep in the Omekka Mountains. He was admired by many of his people – he was considered a hero and a fearless leader. After days exploring the winding paths of the earth, Vorn’s expedition found itself in great, timeworn chambers, that indicated the presence of a nearby dwarven city of ancient times. None, however, were prepared for the chitinous monsters that awaited them in the dark.

Insectoid creatures that were never seen before overwhelmed the expedition. Many dwarves lost their lives in the initial attack, and Vorn ordered a retreat. He knew, however, that the creatures would follow and massacre the entire company – perhaps even reaching other cities. The warrior then made a tough decision – he collapsed the way to the ancient ruins, trapping half his expedition in the other side, to allow the other half to live.

The Clan Council was in uproar. Not only had he blocked the path to a vault of unimaginable riches, he had lost half the expedition. For those crimes, there would be no forgiveness. Vorn was cast out of the clan, and exiled from Khai-Udun, to forever ponder his decisions alone.

Vorn's Playerboard
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