These creatures are known to be the best combatants the Darkness produced so far. Not the biggest and surely not the most powerful. They are, however, the fiercest fighters among the Darkness’ ranks. The fear they inspire comes from their inhuman strength and resistance. Not only do these abnormally muscular humanoids show no signs of feeling pain, though they also show no fear, even when surrounded by the strongest foes and mortally wounded. Nothing besides their own destruction seems to be able to stop their bloodlust fury. A few scholars argue that the Executioners’ strength comes from their terrifying helmets, which also seem to be a curse, as they are constantly screaming in agonizing fury. However, no one yet dared to wear one of the few helmets recovered by the Setting Sun Church.

Usually, armed with a bizarre double scythe, like demonic harbingers of death, these unstoppable fiends gut and slash through every living creature unfortunate enough to cross their paths. Their trail is unmistakable, as they leave in their wake only lacerated bodies and a bloodstream. It’s not rare to see Shadow Cultists rummage the dead left by the Executioners, or even Rotten Flesh feeding on the carcasses left by them. The scholars of the Setting Sun Church are still investigating if the Executioners work as the body harvesters for the Darkness or if the carnage itself attracts the other creatures. One thing is sure though, and the scholars pass it as a warning: “When your group crosses a wounded Executioner, don’t get confident, be cautious!”

Executioner's Miniature
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