Elros’ life has been marked by strife since his earliest memories. He was found when very young in the shores near Umbral – a shadowy coastal village at the edge of the Dead Irall, the most dangerous forest in Daren. Elros has only a passing recollection about his parents, fleeing from somewhere in a refugee ship, but he doesn’t remember their names or his own origins. Since he was a kid, this moon elf had to find ways to survive by himself amidst uncaring strangers – which quickly made the young elf turn to petty crimes and thieving.

Living in the dark corners of Umbral heightened Elros’ stealth and perception – essential traits for an opportunistic thief like himself. Those same abilities soon caught the attention of Hapla, a woman controlling most of the crime in this corrupted port community. Elros was brought under her wing, and soon became Hapla’s main enforcer – her greatest assassin and agent.

Elros’ reputation grew to a point where Hapla herself started to see the moon elf as a threat to her criminal organization. She betrayed him, and left him for dead under the twisted boughs of the Dead Irall. There, broken and bleeding profusely, Elros thought his life would end among the threatening shadows of this ancient forest, but moonlight betrayed the presence of dark figure standing near him. The mysterious shade knelt before him, and touched his forehead – Elros remember only losing his conscience and feeling very cold, awaking afterwards near the edge of the forest, restored. He chose to leave that place as soon as possible, but the memories of dark Umbral stayed with him forever.

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