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Welcome to AODarkness.com, the epicenter of the Darkness and adventure! Our purpose here is to immerse visitors in our universe full of mysteries, challenges, and dark powers that is Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness. Motivated by a passion for fantasy, we’ve created this space to explore and expand the narrative and the world dominated by Darkness.
Navigate through the legends of the Defenders of Daren, uncover the secrets of the Powers of Darkness in monstrous creatures, and unravel the mysteries of this devastated world. Join us on this journey where darkness reveals secrets, and challenges await those who dare to explore. Venture into AODarkness.com and discover the uncharted in Drunagor!

Explore the legendary Heroes of Drunagor, the Defenders of Daren, arise. From noble Elven Archers to fearless Dwarven Warriors. Unravel the epic stories of these heroes, delve into their captivating personalities, and discover the power that unites these guardians in the fight against darkness.

Get to know the monstrous servants of the Darkness entity awaken. Endowed with formidable Powers of Darkness, these creatures form a colossal force, challenging all who cross their path. From cunning Specters to bestial Flesh Creatures, each monster personifies the essence of darkness in a different way. Explore the mysteries behind their malevolent powers, confront the imminent threat, and discover the challenge that awaits those brave enough to face the darkness.