At the same time the first Ravagers were seen, the sightings of another creature were mentioned, half female humanoid, half sea creature. Many tales in Daren speak of legends and creatures with that description. However, none like the ones that came to be known as Lady Claw. While its name refers to two of her main traits, it does little to describe all the horrors of such monstrosity. Although it serves no purpose to discuss genders while assessing the Darkness’ creatures, the Ladies Claw do have their upper bodies with typical female traits. Their upper limbs, however, are often deformed in shapes of tweezer-like claws or long tentacles. These traits, usually the most easily perceived, rendered this monster its name.

Scholars of the Setting Sun Church acquired a few specimens to dissect and study and investigations showed that the lower half of the beasts’ bodies can be even more dangerous than the upper one. The lower limbs tend to multiply themselves when ripped off and can be any mix of tentacles and venomous sea serpents, usually having the body of the former with the head of the latter on their edge. These huge dreadful warriors often wear a few armor pieces or even jewelry like the ones worn by the famous female pirates of Daren. Their strong bodies and their skills in battle are rivaled by no other, leaving little to doubt about who these wretched creatures were before the Darkness tainted them. One odd mystery remains though. No one knows exactly why the Ladies Claw still have their bosoms intact. Thought at first to be a mere caprice of the Darkness, or whatever brought these beings into existence, the scholars now prefer to adopt another researcher’s hypothesis. Kara Alarondar wrote in her thesis: “Judging by the huge number and profiles of the slain by the creatures known as Lady Claw, it appears that the maintenance of such female traits serves both as a trap and a weapon against the ones with weak and dull minds.”

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