The halflings from Hearth, their community deep in the Irallian Forest, have always lived in harmony with nature all around them. They’re extremely curious about all other races, and have taken to wander through the world to learn more about them. Willow has always been the most curious about the moon elves that shared her home forest. What do they eat? What do they like? How do they live? She spent as much time as she could around them, and learned a lot about their customs and ideas.

From them, she learned a lot about the ways of nature and their druidic magic. Their connection to the lands was deep, and she gained a lot from their understanding about the cycles of life and death in the natural world. In time, she learned the moon elf way of magic, and a whole new world opened in front of her.

The druidic magic allowed Willow to commune with nature in ways seldomly experienced by other halflings. Her gentle touch and open heart made using this magic very natural to her, and the animals and plants of the forest became her stalwart allies. Flowers bloomed at Willow’s touch, and birds chirped and sang higher as she passed them by. In time, even the moon elves who had first taught her the ways of nature would bow before her wisdom and ability with the natural forces.

This greater wisdom allowed Willow to see the threats rising in the borders of her home, and she feared for her friends and allies in the forest. She learned of a great shadow rising in the east, and sought to confront it before it became a problem.

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