After the Darkness’ attacks became common, reports from every corner began reaching the Setting Sun Church headquarters. Most were disturbing descriptions of the attacks. A few, however, sparked the scholars’ interest as they were curiously similar. These odd reports spoke of one creature slaying hordes of Darkness’ minions. They described it as a shady and silent armored warrior shrouded by a black mist.

Investigations parties were sent after the strange figure, as the scholars were afraid of an even more powerful unknown enemy. Getting data was hard, as the warrior would not dwell anywhere once his enemies had been destroyed.

The name, the investigation party summarized as Lordwrath, though the scholars are sure that is a nickname based on the warrior’s ways of fighting. He has no memory that makes sense and delusions seem to be his world. He calls the Darkness “the Varatash” and slays them carelessly and furiously. He also believes to have fought these creatures before, though none has ever been documented in the whole history of Daren.

Revelations and tracing magic were cast on Lordwrath raising even more questions. He is not a living nor a “whole” being. What the scholars found is that Lordwrath is made of some of the parts that compose a living being, from an unknown race, bearing traces similar to human and elf. His age was impossible to determine, as well as his origin.

Faced with these results, the scholars became restless and now, as Lordwrath slaughters the hordes of the Darkness, they prepare their countermeasures. Just in case this strange ally turns against them.

Lordwrath's Playerboard
Lordwrath's Miniature