Jade was born among the royal courtiers of Nera, the capital city of the kingdom of Amira, a magocratic nation ruled by humans. As a daughter of the upper classes, Jade wanted for nothing growing up – all her wishes and needs were attended by dozens of family servants, and she basked in the many privileges of her social standing. But even though she had everything she could hope for in the fancy halls of her manor, she was still a youth, and no force in nature could keep her grounded home.

She used every opportunity she could get to explore her home city. Though her parents urged her to learn the etiquette of the highborn, she could not help but escape her classes and run through the packed streets and alleys not far from her home. In these jaunts, she observed a world so unlike the one she lived in – a world where people toiled through the day to be able to afford such simple things as food and clothing, where pleasures were simple and rare, and magic was not readily available. This fascinated her, and she grew close to a young boy near her age, a shoemaker, who taught her in the ways of his world.

This friendship lasted several months, until one day she could not find her friend in the street where they often met. She would eventually learn that the boy had died of sickness, not long ago. A simple thing, that could have been cured or prevented with common magic available to the nobles of Nera. She learned that day, the cost of all the privileges of her own world. As Jade matured, she forsake her noble heritage to follow the path of the paladin, hoping to bring justice to the lands.

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