The creature known as Demon Lord belongs to a completely different category than every other minion of Darkness. That is due mostly to it being more intelligent and powerful than any other commander ever encountered before. For these reasons, this creature deserves a register of its own.

The Demon Lord is a huge creature, far superior in size to the greatest spawns of Darkness, which makes it only more terrifying. Its body is muscular and deformed as bearing the most beastly traits of giants and draconian, such as huge hands, horns, claws, and wings, though its head is practically a bone anvil.

Due to its alien biology, even with clear signs of deep wounds covering the creature, it is difficult to say with precision if the Demon Lord belongs to the row of the undead creatures created by the Darkness or if it belongs to the deformed and corrupted creatures category. The Darkness miasma infusing its body is present and can be seen in its eyes, though, just like every other monster that the Darkness created or perverted.

What is clear to the scholars, even though the research is still ongoing, is that such a monster does not belong to this world as it was never documented in Daren. At least not in the registers the scholars of the Setting Sun Church have access to.

The first report to ever mention the Demon Lord came by raven, in a blood-stained paper. It mentioned a huge horned monster that wiped out a whole group of experienced mercenaries. No member of said group was ever seen again, not even the report’s author.

The mercenaries in question were sent to some ancient ruins in the Hellscar’s outskirts, where they were supposed to find ancient artifacts, believed to contain traces and registers of Daren’s forgotten past. The scholars had their reasons to believe that such a place could hold evidence of the Darkness’ origins, and hopefully, a way to fight it.

What they found, however, was this huge beast and a few lesser minions of Darkness. Believing they were facing just another strong foe, the group coordinated an attack that proved to be a failure in the first few minutes. The Demon Lord killed most of the group with a few movements, with no signs of effort. The remaining mercenaries realized then that they were up against something much more powerful than they could ever imagine.

Their strategy became a sacrificial one. The group stood behind while the fastest man ran, so that the Setting Sun Church could be warned of such terrifying danger.

These are the last words on that report: “I can hear it coming after me. It won’t let me live no matter how far I run. I pray there’re no two creatures like that one”. So do the scholars of the Setting Sun Church.

The Demon Lord has been seen since then, though there is still no reason to believe that more than one of these fearsome monsters exists. At least one eyewitness survived the encounter and though the creature has not been slain to this day, little data have been collected on its attack patterns. The Setting Sun Church discloses this information in hopes it helps the unfortunate to cross the Demon Lord’s path.

Although the Demon Lord may look heavy, its coriaceous wings are powerful enough to make it able to fly at alarming speeds. Do not be caught off-guard.

The creature carries around a giant, igneous hammer that glows like it has the fire of a forge inside it, which it uses to strike and throw. The monster’s great speed and mobility together with his wide blows of the scorching weapon can wipe a whole group in an instant.

The scholars advise adventurers that face the Demon Lord to keep their distance, though that does not guarantee their safety. The report mentions the creature being able to launch fire at incredible distances, turning everything in its path into a pile of ashes. The source of the fire, however, if the creature itself or its hammer, is still unknown.