The second monster to be cataloged in the “Golden” class is now known as Commander Twins. The name alludes to the fact that this creature has two heads. First thought to be created this way, later the scholars from the Setting Sun Church found that the Commander Twins are actually two originally different creatures, merged into the same body. However, the corrupt magic that holds these two creatures together is much more intricate and much more powerful than the one found in the Death Messenger or the Bone Reaper. Although it bears two different heads, the Commander Twins are considered only one monster. The two heads, however, seem to have a mind of their own, which makes them extremely difficult to kill. While one head is always focused on attacking, the second focuses on defending and commanding.

Their muscular swollen body is unnaturally strong, bearing the hardest of punishments without showing signs of weakness. Also, contrary to what most could think, these aberrations can reach blinding speeds, throwing deadly punches and clawing their way through the most experienced mercenary groups. Still widely under-researched, one aspect of this giant beast that intrigues the scholars is the curse that surrounds them. Reports state that the Commander Twins need no sustenance, like some others Darkness’ spawns, that feast on the dead. However, the heads seem to be constantly feeling the air around them with atrocious tongues, and not only that. Survivors claim to have felt weak and drained after encountering these brutal aberrations. Some of them even had their bones weakened after, like they were rotting from the inside. Somehow, the scholars believe, these creatures are capable of sucking one’s life essence, which they seem to feed on. The paladins of the Setting Sun Church are actively searching for these creatures now, as they fear that a large attack from numerous Commander Twins might be enough to destroy the Setting Sun Church headquarters.

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