Among the most ancient scrolls and tablets found and studied in Daren, only a few of them mention the old forgotten creatures of the world. Among those scrolls and tablets, even fewer hold, at best, a vague description of one of the Great Old Ones and if you’re lucky enough to run into someone who has actually seen a sign of such a creature, you could very well spend a millennium looking without finding another one. However, it’s well known, all across Daren, that the shady Efreeti of Hellscar have as many secrets as there are stars in the night sky, and that their elders worship a deity of ancient power they call Wormungdyr. Although recent investigations of the calamities in the Hellscar region show no signs of divine powers in motion, Wormungdyr was real, a great creature, responsible for the very life cycle of the desert.

The very same investigations brought to light a lesser creature that was originally part of the desert life cycle ruled by Wormungdyr. Once known as “wormunglings” or just “wormlings,” these creatures were spawns of the Great Old One, thought to be responsible for its sustenance and maintenance, if not protection. Now, however, after the corruption of Wormungdyr, these creatures, once workers of the desert life cycle, are the hands of its corruption. These huge worms stinking of the Darkness’ corruption have no rival when moving through sand and water. Their lunge is swift and fast, rarely avoidable. Their rotting bodies are covered by sharp chitin plates, hard as steel, that open large wounds on their prey, though they usually don’t kill on the first attack. Somehow these decayed worms seem able to sense fresh blood miles away, which they follow, until their helpless victims meet their end, screaming and bleeding their lives on Hellscar’s sands.

Corrupted Worm's Miniature
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