There are still many uncategorized creatures in the lands of Daren. Some are hidden from the mortal races’ eyes and others are hidden by some of the mortal races. One of these creatures is what the legends call the “Spider Kin”. Far relatives from the extinct Dire-Spiders, the “Spider Kin” is said to live in deep intricate caves and tunnels that connect the oldest forests of Daren. These creatures are believed to be like giant spiders, full of intelligence and ancient wisdom. What makes these creatures frightening, however, is their understanding and control of ancient destruction magic. And the fact that they would feed on the mortal races, tearing their flesh with monstrous mouths.

Although the scholars of the Setting Sun Church don’t completely disbelieve the tale, they do think the original story to be lost. The creatures serving the Darkness, known as Shadow Mistresses, might lead them in the right way. Humanoids with three pairs of arms, ending in hands, bipeds, and skillful in combat, these creatures lack the monstrous aspects common to most of the Darkness’ spawns. Their ability to talk in what sounds like their own language is a solid lead that the Shadow Mistresses are a folk completely of their own. Whatever their origin, however, it’s certain that the Shadow Mistresses enlarge the Darkness’ ranks. Their eyes overflowing with the characteristic miasma are already proof enough of it. These rogues are dangerously agile and proficient with all hands, making them shredding machines to be feared. The chitin armour covering their bodies, like spiders’ skin, is as strong as iron, making them tough to hurt. Far from warriors, however, the Shadow Mistresses owe their name to their roguish behavior. If you hear a beautiful voice calling you from a dark corner, be careful, for instead of warm arms, you may find a Shadow Mistress.

Shadow Mistress's Miniature
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