Although the spawns of Darkness are unafraid of the daylight, some of them are more commonly found in the dark. The Shadow Guardians, for instance, can be found mostly in the darkest of places, where the shadows are so thick and dense that you can hear them breathe. Usually found lurking in ancient tombs and temples where a Darkness’ portal can be found, the scholars of the Setting Sun Church believe these unspeakable horrors act as guardians of such portals. Therefore, the name given to them. Bearing little resemblance to the mortal races of Daren, the origin of the Shadow Guardians is still unknown. Their “bodies” seem, if not immaterial, at least “fluid.” Although their horned heads look like a demon’s skull, their bodies are always changing forms, growing hungry eyes and drooling mouths that scream and bite ferociously at random.

These powerful ghastly monsters seem to draw their power constantly from an external source: the artifact that all of them seem to carry, which the scholars named as “Darkness Lantern.” Regardless of the name, these cursed artifacts hold not light, though the Darkness in its purest form. Seeping from this seemingly endless source of Darkness, the Shadow Guardians manipulate the miasma, firing it as destructive corrupted magic projectiles. Far more dangerous than the external wounds caused by the Darkness miasma, is its power of penetrating and infecting the target’s body with the Darkness’ curse. Even experienced adventurers have fallen victim to the Guardians or succumbed to the curse, joining the Darkness’ ranks as terrifying deformed creatures tormented with endless madness. If you think you know how deep the Darkness can be, you’ve never met a Shadow Guardian.

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