The first Ravagers that scholars of the Setting Sun Church took notice of were seen at Umbral city’s harbor after a ship, allegedly coming from beyond the sea, docked. The old sailors, the few who got a glimpse of these monsters and lived, claim that their souls were reclaimed by an ancient sea deity. Their bodies, they say, forever cursed not to step on the mainland ever again, rotting until no sign of what they originally were is left. The scholars know this to be an old tale first because no creature like the Ravagers was ever seen before the Darkness invaded Daren; and second because these sea monsters reek of the Darkness. It infects them like rotten blood. However, a few parts of the tale seem to be true.

The fact that the first Ravagers were seen in a ship from which no crew left and no bodies were found, leads the scholars to believe these repulsive monstrosities are the destiny of seamen corrupted by the Darkness. That and the fact that some of these mutant beasts still bear the belongings typical of Daren’s seamen. Despite their origin, the Ravagers have incredibly strong deformed bodies. Their wide and powerful blows from their tweezers and claws-like hands rip through flesh like the barnacles that cover their revolting bodies. These terrifying monsters can also be incredibly fast, despite being deprived of legs. The old tale about the corrupted seamen ends with words by which scholars of the Setting Sun Church can abide: “When the night reigns over land and sea, and the wet meandering is heard outside, bar your doors, hide and pray. However, none of those will help you if the horror’s from below the sea have come to claim your soul.”

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