The Death Messenger is usually considered to be more of a colony of monsters, instead of only one. The numerous monstrous skulls clustered that form its corrupted body is the main reason for such a hypothesis. Another factor that sustains that assumption is the regular mention, in adventurers’ reports, of sights of Darkness’ creatures that seem fused to one another like Skeleton Archers with two heads or extra limbs for example. These reports point to one of the most accepted theories about the Death Messengers’ origins. It’s well known by scholars of the Setting Sun Church the powers that the Darkness have, to corrupt every living thing, change and mutate their bodies and minds. Therefore, the possibility of the Death Messenger being, in fact, a hideous agglomeration of the Darkness’ corrupted spawns is now fairly accepted among the scholars.

Although not the fastest of the Darkness’ spawns, probably due to the difficulty of coordinating all the carcasses to move as one, the Death Messengers’ wide and powerful blows easily make up for their lack of speed. Not only their skeletal arms wield long curved scythes, though there are also many limbs shaped as thorns and spears bursting through all the monster’s back. These horrendous claws move around on their own, ripping and piercing whatever comes near them. If that wasn’t dangerous enough, all these thorns and blades are soaked with the abominable Darkness’ miasma, making the wounds caused by them even more terrible. Regardless of being seemingly gifted with vision, the Death Messengers don’t seem to need it. Their breathing, sounding like a ghastly whistle, seems to capture the essence and traces of their surroundings. If you ever hear the cold hissing of their breath on your neck, that’s how you know death has come for you.

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