These creatures are among the most recently cataloged by scholars of the Setting Sun Church. The reason being that for most of the Age of Darkness, the land of the orcs, the Burning Steppes, was closed. No word went in, no word came out. As a result, the Darkness′ spawn lurking there, crawling the fiery hot soil and staining it with its corruption, remained unknown and hidden. Regardless, the first reports to arrive from the isolated wildlands of the orcs, spoke of a dark wandering cult. The mob moved across the Burning Steppes like a wave of corruption and decay, avoiding villages and towns, living only abandoned and haunted potato farms in their wake.

Ihrnnoluk, an experienced orc mercenary leader, wrote about what he thought were his own people following the Shadow Cultists’ “New Era” cult. Upon closer inspection and unfortuitous meeting, he realized his mistake. Those creatures were definitely orcs, originally at least, though what he saw were the solely corrupted moving carcasses of his kin. Their clothes and traces marked them as local farmers, though their strength and speed were much greater. Unable to come to terms, most of Ihrnnoluk’s band was killed. He then wrote in his last report: “With their unbelievable strength and speed, we barely scratched the weakest of them. Their attacks were fast and took down many with one fell swoop. Not to mention those hideous decrepit hands jumping out their bellies like vermin tryin’ a grab us! I don’t care. I’ll avenge my brothers and come back with their heads hanging on my belt!”

Corrupted Farmer's Miniature
Corrupted Farmer's Cards