A few creatures, due to their tremendous power and danger they pose, were categorized under their specific section: the “Golden” class monsters. As of now, only two monsters were filed under such a category, the first to enter it, however, was what is now known as Commander Thern. The color chosen for the Golden class is not only to emphasize how dangerous these beasts are, though also how valuable their destruction or capture is. The “commander” in this creature’s name is also no euphemism. Differently from all lower class monsters that can coordinate attacks, the Commanders Thern have been seen not only coordinating though also commanding battalions of lower classes’ beasts with cunning and smart strategies.

Even though there are reports of high-rank Shadow Cultists “turning” into the horrors called Commander Thern, through unknown deep and corrupt magic, the origin of this creature is still a mystery. The corpses of the cultists that summoned such creatures were always found torn apart from the inside. The thesis proposed by the scholars of the Setting Sun Church is that these repulsive beasts enter Daren through their own portal, that seems fed by life and blood. What is unacceptable, however, is to believe that such a horror is native to Daren as never such a hideous and abnormal monstrosity was ever seen. Extremely difficult to describe, the closest thing a sane mind would find in Drunagor in appearance is the long extinct “dire-devilfish.” The Commander Thern body seems completely made of oozing tentacles and sharp twisted blade-like tweezers, apart from their horrendous mouths with long sharp teeth. Oddly enough, although their nasty gooey bodies seem filled with killing limbs, these creatures attack using some kind of corrupt curse or magic that poisons the targets’ very blood inside their veins. The Commander Thern obnoxious smell is unmistakable, and it could be the last thing you feel before you’re sent flying with your insides burning like filled with acid.

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