The nasty agglomeration of corpses known as Bone Reaper is one of the two aberrations created by the Darkness that were almost categorized as a colony rather than a single creature. Together with the Death messenger, the Bone Reaper is the subject of great debate among scholars of the Setting Sun Church. Although similar in this one aspect, both creatures are completely different. Instead of bones and the ethereal miasma, the Bone Reapers look like huge decomposed meatballs. Their torso and head area are filled with numerous heads of different sizes and shapes. Some adventurers have claimed to have seen children’s skulls attached to a Bone Reaper’s body.

These horrendous meat wagons are unbelievably sturdy. Even though they bleed when wounded, attacks don’t seem to stop them as most wounds seem to close abnormally fast. In order to kill these wretched beasts, adventurers need to surround it and attack all simultaneously, slicing and cutting their swollen bodies to the point of no return. However, this is not an easy feat. With long and powerful arms, the Bone Reapers swing whatever weapons they have in their hands, striking multiple targets at once. Adventurers’ reports tell of Bone Reapers feasting on the corpses of their fallen enemies. Oddly enough, these aberrations reap the bones out of their victims’ corpses by pulling their spines, throwing the bones covered in blood inside their huge mouth. They chew on it, breaking the bones and swallowing it together with the marrow that seems to be their sustenance. Except for the head of the fallen, which they twist and reap from the bodies, like a cork, swallowing it whole. These skulls later show up on the surface of the horror’s body like a swamp of dead meat.

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