Life in the Burning Steppes is hard and brutal, but those who come out of this crucible often emerge that much stronger for it – and there are few as strong as Tork. Competition within the orc tribes of the steppes is harsh, and he spent his entire life in the Rock Teeth proving his strength. Given his prowess, it came as no surprise when he won the challenge to become chief of his tribe.

Under his rule, the Rock Teeth became feared by their enemies, and praised by their allies. Tork was one of the chiefs that openly accepted “gobl” in his tribe – humans and halflings the orcs called “hobgoblins” and “goblins”, respectively. Gobl are accepted as equals in the tribe – they can earn honor and status just as any other orc. Rather than holding rebellious slaves in their ranks, the Rock Teeth transformed these captured races into allies, and gained much strength from it.

Tork led his people to great victories and plunder, and with his guidance, the Rock Teeth became one of the more influential forces in the Burning Steppes. Though many tried to challenge him for control of the tribe, none could match his ferocity in single combat. This changed however one night, where he had a vision from the spirits – he learned of a shadow growing in the west, one that would engulf the entire world and would require great strength to defeat. Leaving the leadership of the Rock Teeth to his son, Tork left for faraway lands, to confront this formidable foe. He vowed he’d return to the tribe stronger than before, and would usher the ultimate conquest of the Burning Steppes.

Tork's Playerboard
Tork's Miniature