Few have ever gazed at the sight of the Solekk Mountains, far to the north of Daren, and even fewer have set foot in this mountain range. It’s an unforgiving chain of icy and rocky peaks, where cold winds blow all through the day and majestic bird-predators roam. But long ago, a group of humans distraught with the consuming conflicts throughout the lands sought refuge in this isolated region. They built a monastery in one of the highest peaks in the Solekk, and have lived there for generations, in peace and in contemplation.

Lung was the first human monk to become Ascended in the Monastery of Solekk. His teachings and wisdom brought enlightenment to many of his followers, and his Ascension awed even his few detractors in the community. Since then, the monks of Solekk have sought to learn the deeper meaning of his sayings, and his ideas were collected in the Seven Scrolls of the Wind Path. These people would have gladly remained in isolation and reflection in their high-mountain villages, had not conflict finally caught up to them.

Not long ago, a terrible race of shadow humanoids began raiding and attacking the Wind Path monks and their communities in the mountains, often kidnapping the young during their attacks. Sun was born during these dark times, and since the “kurohito” (the monk’s name for this shadow people) began their raids, children have been trained to defend themselves and to remain on their guard.

In her adulthood, Sun became one of the wandering monks searching for a way to stop the kurohito raids, and following the teachings of Lung of the Wind Path, she is sure of her success.

Sun's Playerboard
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