Since the time they’ve met, the draconians of Ignispyra and the efreeti of the Hellscar Desert have been in a constant state of animosity, and both races have skirmished at the edge of the world for centuries now. In this ongoing strife between them, countless engagements have been fought at the border between their territories, and Sskar was one of the battle sorcerers charged with patrolling the northern draconian border.

One time, after intercepting efreeti forces trying to infiltrate the Ragnar Mountains, Sskar’s group pursued their enemies across the Hellscar Desert, intent on capturing one of them for interrogation. They didn’t notice they had fallen into a trap until it was too late – the efreeti had reinforcements waiting for them in the desert, and Sskar’s team was caught in a frantic battle for their very lives. At the height of combat, when all seemed lost, the draconian desperately weaved an apocalyptic spell to prevent their enemies from capturing any in his team – the spell tore asunder the earth, engulfing friend and foe alike in fire as the ground beneath them swallowed them hole.

Miraculously, Sskar survived – and when he woke, he found himself underground, under a strange gallery of carved chambers. He had never heard of something like this in the Hellscar Desert, and the engravings in the walls seemed ancient and alien – not something the efreeti would have done. He wandered for hours, searching for a way towards the surface, all the while navigating strange corridors forgotten by all.

There, in these hidden galleries, he discovered a new kind of magic – one who tapped upon a primordial and forsaken force in the world. He eventually found his way out to the surface, but the quest to find out more about the magic he now wielded was only beginning.

Sskar's Playerboard
Sskar's Miniature