In the frozen lands of Daren, a legend speaks of dead children that disappear on the coldest nights. These bodies are told to be taken by the spirits inside the Ice Cairn and brought back to life by forming pacts with nature spirits. Reborn, these beings become a bridge between this and the spiritual world. As these tales are told around the fire, only one person listens with a joyful smile, farther from the fire than anyone else.

Savran not only knows the legend to be true. He is also the very proof of it. Dead and abandoned in the snow Savran was taken by the spirits of the Ice Cairn. Savran was later found in the snow by a wandering tribe of the cold lands. Taken and cared for, he grew into a fine man, showing traces of his connection with the nature of the place. Savran enjoyed the freezing breeze of the winter and the touch of the snow against his skin.

As he came of age, both his powers and his connection with nature and its spirits grew stronger. It was by then that an elemental spirit appeared before him. That spirit, Savran knew, was the messenger between the worlds and it carried the mission of his life. The most hideous of the enemies was coming and it needed to be stopped.

As all the forces of Daren would gather for the most important fight of all, so should Savran, the heir of the Ice Cairn’s souls’ will. Accompanied by the Ice Spirit, his link with the other world, and his faithful animal partner, Savran would show the Darkness minions the meaning of cold-blooded fury.

Savran's Playerboard
Savran's Miniature