When Pietro was young, his life was simple, leading a tranquil existence in the bustling human city of Thunderspear. His father was a blacksmith who learned his craft from dwarven masters, and his mother, a washerwoman and a midwife. They were humble folk, but Pietro dreamed of travelling the world, to see all the wonders Daren had to offer. He never knew, however, how much that wish would eventually cost him.

When he was a teenager, in a journey up the mountains with his father, they were caught in a rockslide – when dwarves and humans of the nearby communities found them, his father was dead, and Pietro’s body was broken beyond any healing. He was brought to his mother, a battered thing, unable to stand or walk on his own…

As Pietro’s condition worsened over the years, his mother started attending the sermons of the church of Halo of the Bright Light, an Ascended who taught of hope and faith. His mother decided then that she would bring his son to the tallest peak of the Omekka Mountains, to plead Halo to help her son.

The journey was arduous, and her sacrifice great, but eventually, mother and son reached the highest mountain as the sun was rising in the horizon. Praying for Halo, she begged for a miracle, and promised to spend her life in service of the Bright Light. At that moment, as the sun rose in the horizon, a searing flash of white light shone over Pietro’s body, healing his broken bones and his wounds. Her son stood up, in shock and awe, to embrace his tearful mother.

She became a nun, in a cloister dedicated to Halo of the Bright Light. Pietro became a wandering cleric, purging evil’s shadows wherever he went.

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