Kellam is the second son of a noble family from Amira. As such, he grew far from all the pressures to inherit the responsibilities of the family. Even so, the young Kellam was trained in everything from swordplay to history and music lessons on the lyre from his grandmother. The objective of Kellam’s parents was to ensure that his brother would always have a good ally by his side. Kellam loved music lessons with his grandmother. As she taught him, she would sing old songs of heroes that fascinated the young one. When Kellam’s grandmother passed away, he inherited her lyre, an ancient family heirloom, said to hold mystic powers.

The young bard’s favorite place to practice his music with the lyre were the taverns around his family’s mansion. One of those practicing days, the tavern was attacked by the Shadow Cultists. They came in slitting throats and severing limbs, only stopping when a sharp note struck the air like thunder. All eyes turned to Kellam as his fingers runned through the strings of the lyre.It was a song no one had ever heard before, for the song Kellam was playing was that very moment. His voice rose above all sounds as he sang of battle and blood from their enemies. Kellam sang of righteous fury and victory, and his song reached the hearts of those around him who jumped in the fight, fearless, furious.

When the last Cultist was killed, Kellam silenced. He knew then, looking at the carnage and destruction before him that he had the duty to write and sing his own song, the song of Daren’s resistance. The song of Daren’s victory!

Kellam's Playerboard
Kellam's Miniature