Handuriel has been a ranger for decades, and comes from a very special group in the Espera Islands, created to fight threats to Lorelan before they can materialize – the Lannovar, “Leaf Walkers”. They patrol sun elf territory, ever vigilant against unknown threats, ending them before any stray too far into elven territory.

In his many years serving as a Lannovar, Handuriel has faced many foes, and his actions have protected the islands for a long time. But as is often the case, his story is not marked by his unwavering string of silent victories, but by a devastating failure.

One time, when he was patrolling the northern territory near Uldalan, Handuriel’s unit caught notice of some sort of creature prowling through the woods. It left many carcasses of dead animals behind, all cruelly dismembered – such brutality astounded even these veteran Lannovar.

They started tracking it through the forest, but one by one, Handuriel’s unit started to disappear through the woods, as if something was hunting them. Alas, as the Lannovar frantically searched for any trace to the beast, it found him. It was a bipedal monster covered in fur, with long arms ending in clawed hands, big membranous ears and a mouth full of wicked fangs. It lunged at him from the treetops, and a fierce battle ensued. That would have been the end of Handuriel, had the last member of his unit not joined the fight to protect her leader. It wasn’t enough, however. In one savage stroke, the creature cleaved his friend in two, and left him for dead among the fallen leaves. Before losing consciousness, Handuriel saw the monster take the shape of an elf, before fading into the distance.

He vowed then to find that beast, wherever it may hide.

Handuriel's Playerboard
Handuriel's Miniature