The dwarves of the Omekka Mountains mostly prefer to keep to themselves, but they have amiable relationships with all their neighbors, save one – the orcs of the Burning Steppes. The two races have fought legendary battles against one another over the centuries, and the discovery of Magic only made these conflicts ever more devastating. For that reason, the dwarves erected a mighty fortress at the edge of their territory, Khal-Rath, and from time immemorial, this rampart has produced unparalleled warriors – warriors such as Duncan.

The dwarves of Khal-Rath train in all manner of martial traditions known in Daren. They continually seek to improve their tactics and techniques to better counter their hated foe in the steppes, and Duncan proposed a radical notion to his peers – what if they learned to fight as orcs did? The dwarves first laughed at him, thinking his idea a joke, but then they became outraged as they understood he meant it seriously. He faced fierce opposition to his suggestion, but that wasn’t enough to make him give up the idea.

Duncan travelled to the Burning Steppes and managed to challenge a chief to single combat. The battle was ferocious, and the dwarf suffered many injuries, but in the end, he was victorious. By orc custom, the victor in such a fight chooses whether the loser lives or dies, but Duncan asked only for a single thing – for the orc to teach him his way to do battle.

After months spent in the steppes fighting other orc tribes, he returned to Khal-Rath, and demonstrated his new techniques. None could defeat him in battle. He had brought a new fighting style to the fortress and strengthened his people while doing so, gaining their admiration and respect.

Duncan's Playerboard
Duncan's Miniature