To those who know of the draconians of Ignispyra, their focus and determination are plain to see – they’ve built an impressive citadel within this imposing peak, and have fought threats from all sides while doing so. Drasek comes from a long line of draconian warriors and adventurers who have defended their city for generations. When he came of age, his family decided he would only gain their legacy armor and weapons after he had proved himself a worthy defender of its people. Drasek chose then to travel the world, searching for something that would allow him to better protect the draconians from their enemies.

During his travels, he met with all the other races of Daren in their homelands. He contemplated the bright gardens of the Espera Islands with the sun elves. He help tend the woods of the Irallian Forest with the moon elves. He protected dwarven caravans in the Omekka Mountains. He even lend his strength to honored orc tribes. And in all his travels, he saw how unfair this world was – the strong preying on the weak, the cunning deceiving the innocent. And this filled Drasek’s heart with anger.

In Valiant Keep, however, he learned of an order of warriors who followed the path of one of the Ascended – The Order of the Silver Dawn. These stalwart champions fought to protect the weak and innocent from the depredations of evil, and bring about justice to Daren. He spent the next years learning from these heroes, and when he returned home, he brought back something that would allow him to better protect his people – justice.

Drasek's Playerboard
Drasek's Miniature