As far as everyone knows, Devron is a vampire. Different from the menacing Shadow Vampires, however, Devron belongs to a much older and familiar kin existing in Daren. As far as the scholars from the Setting Sun Church are concerned, vampirism is rather a curse more than a proper race as many vampires from almost all the mortal races in Daren have already been documented before. Despite not being minions from the Darkness’ ranks, there is not much love for these poor cursed souls in Daren, and Devro’s life is not that different from all the other vampires in that aspect.

However, that is not the worst part of Devro’s story. The fact that this Shadow Knight’s story is unknown to all those few souls who know him directly comes from the fact that Devron himself does not remember his own past before finding himself turned into a vampire in the ruins of an old temple. He had no reminiscence of how he got there nor who he was. The only things Devron remembered were his name and how to fight. Apart from that, the only other certainty in that confusion that was his “new” life, was a tiny dark entity, very similar to the long-extinct dragons, and the feeling that he needed to protect the creature.

As the decades passed, Devron took it to himself to discover what happened to him and who he was before he can remember. Motivated mostly by the flashes of old memories he had, though no book, scroll, or tablet in Daren would offer him any help. That was until the Darkness invaded Daren.

When faced with the minions and the terror who could corrupt him into one of the Shadow Vampires, Devron turned his back to the ancient destructive power and vanquished his foes. The touch of the Darkness’ miasma though got to Devron and his familiar, sending both into a trance. What the Shadow Knight saw then was his past life, a different life, with a different body, a different “form.” It was then that the truth hit him like a lighting. The dark dragon-like creature was not only his familiar. It was also a part of himself. His memories, his lost power.

Devron knew then that he was split in half and cursed by the same power that now intended to invade and consume Daren. The same force that tried to corrupt him, to turn him into one of their generals. Devron now knew where to get his answers and at least where to look for to end his curse and nothing, alive or dead, would stop him.

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