Barak was born in the Thunderhammer orc tribe in the Burning Steppes, and from a very young age, was chosen to be apprentice to their shaman – Algoss, his mentor, ever said to him: “You will change the fate of the Thunderhammer Tribe forever! I hear the spirits whispering to me. Your destiny is a great one!”. They expected highly from the young orc, and his training was just as demanding: ritual combat, dreamquests and other countless trials were the basis of his life, but throughout it all, he held a secret – he could never hear the spirits the shaman talked about.

Yet he could never tell them this – and eventually, his world came crashing down when the Crimson Axes tribe attacked the Thunderhammer in the middle of the night. A bloody and fierce battle ensued, for his tribe’s very survival, and when Algoss, his mentor, faced the foe in combat, his apprentice could not do much to help him. They won the battle, but the shaman and many of the Thunderhammer fell that day. Barak was accused of cowardice and cast out from the tribe. They took him to a deep pit, and threw him out, covering its entrance and leaving him to die a slow and painful death.

In the dark, alone and hungry, Barak cursed his fate. Long after he had given up however, a voice spoke to him – it called itself Morr, and told him he had a great destiny ahead of him, and all he needed was to accept his power. Calling upon the cursed shadows of Morr, Barak climbed out of the pit, and slaughtered the entire Thunderhammer tribe with his new dark powers…

Barak's Playerboard
Barak's Miniature