The man that would be known as Arkhanos was a simple uneducated potter in a humble village in the Kingdom of Amira. As a child, he toiled for years to learn the profession of his father, but in his late teens, his craft caught the attention of a wizard passing through the region. His earthenware was so exquisite and well-crafted that the mage, an old woman named Manara, began ordering pottery exclusively from him. Her requests were exotic and challenging, but the boy faithfully fulfilled each order. He then discovered that Manara was weaving mighty spells into his porcelain, and was awed by the power of the Art.

Manara knew that the boy would have tremendous insight into the workings of Magic, if he so chose to learn it. She offered to mentor him in the secrets of Art, and his parents encouraged him to seek out a new life. Under her wing, the boy took a new name, Arkhanos, and became one of the most applied scholars of magic in all Drunagor.

Many decades have now passed since the young potter started his path towards understanding of Magic – he became a famous archmage, known for his creative magical formulae and ingenious spellcasting. Ever searching for secrets of the Art hidden in the lost places of the world, Arkhanos discovered not long ago the resting place of the city of Gil-Garoth, a city of myth which some believe was built during a past epoch by an unknown people.

Whoever built Gil-Garoth, built it atop the greatest concentration of mana known in Drunagor, and Arkhanos would then lead countless apprentices to learn the secrets of these ancient ruins.

Arkhanos's Playerboard
Arkhanos's Miniature